Drew added a studio to our house. It’s a small studio, 550 square feet. And yet Drew was there just about every day working alongside his crew. We did not know what to expect, but to have Drew on the site, not as an occasional visitor but as part of the construction team is very comforting. Drew Owens is not a “drive by” contractor! Drew listens. Everything we discussed got done without having to ask him more than once. His crew are professional and courteous too. I wanted the studio done for the 2004 Placitas Studio Tour and Drew came though. One day early! The studio blends with the rest of the house and looks as if it was always there. We could not be happier. Follow Up. Drew did a remodel of our great room, and now it really is great. Plus he added on a new kitchen which is so cozy and bright. It’s like a brand new house without having to move. Mary E. Carter Ranchos de Placitas We have had two homes built by Drew Owens in the last seven years. We reside in one of the homes and the other one is being used as an office for my consultation business. I would like to say that Drew is a pleasure to work with in that he is very responsive to our needs, he stands behind everything he does, and his designs and construction are of the highest quality. Our first home was built while we were still living in Chicago, so we had to give total control over day- to-day decisions to Drew. On more significant items, he called us immediately, and on the smaller items he made decisions on what he knew would be what we would want. In addition, his vision and design suggestions allowed us to have a home which not only maximized all of our Placitas views, but gave us exactly the amenities we wanted PLUS additional ones he suggested. Since we were so pleased with the quality of his work and his people, we had no second thoughts about engaging him again for our second Placitas home. Again, the results were fantastic. In addition to the consistent quality of his work, Drew Owens is a caring builder/designer who consistently followed-up on any items of concern, even years after the homes were completed. I would recommend and I have recommended Drew to anyone who wants a high quality beautiful home. Norma Libman Trails, Placitas I have been working with Drew Owens for many years now as a Realtor putting together a client with special building needs and a builder that I can trust to treat my client with care and respect. It is always a good feeling to know that Drew will listen to my client and will design a house with their "wish list" in mind and not what he wants to build. Every one of my clients have come away from the project with a beautiful home and a wonderful new friendship that lasts after the home is done. That is the mark of a good builder. Julie Denison CRS Green and Associate Broker La Puerta Real Estate Services LLC Placitas Drew did, an excellent job in the pre-planning stages of the home with Nancy and me. He worked on maximizing the views from each room and out door placements of walls and a fire place with a hot tub. Drew has an eye for detail which helped in the placement of latillas, vigas, corbels and cabinet and door materials and colors. We were so happy at how the woods and colors flowed through out the home. He oversaw each phase of the the building process and provided suggestions to improve locations of nichos, doorways and many other things. Drew checked with us on an ongoing basis and requested we visit the home site frequently and provide feedback to him as to any things which we thought needed addressing. Our building experience with Drew was totally positive. We recommend Drew for any type of new home or expansion project. Tom & Nancy Rostkowski Ranchos de Placitas Drew Owens has the ability to take his client’s ideas and make them a reality. To own a home designed and built by Drew Owens is like owning a wonderful piece of art. His homes vibrate with warmth and give their owners much pleasure. I still look back at my building experience and smile inside. He is such a delightful man. —Jo Anne and Bob Thornton TOP OF PAGE
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